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Prompt #89 - spring theme
Title: Tulips
Pairing: John/Paul fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Spring of '65 - Julian picks all the tulips and John creates a "monster."

John and Paul sat in the shade of an oak tree playing their guitars. Cynthia and Jane were scolding two-year-old Julian. He had picked most of the tulips that Cynthia had planted and given them to Paul and John.

“Julian,” said John. “Come here!”

Julian ran over.

“Want to know a secret?” asked John.

Julian nodded.

“Whenever a woman’s angry at you, you give her flowers and she shuts up.” John explained, handing most of the tulips to Julian.

Paul laughed and shook his head.

Julian ran back to his mum with the tulips in his hand. “Heaw, mummy,” he said and gave them to Cynthia. She laughed and covered the boy in hugs and kisses.

“So, what’ll you do when I’m angry at you?” Paul asked.

John broke the stem off of one of the remaining tulips and put the flower behind Paul’s left ear. “Tell you how beautiful you are and bribe you with sex.”

Paul laughed, “Of course. Would you mean it?”

John nodded, “I would.” He studied Paul’s face, “It’s true.”

Paul grinned, “You’re just saying that to get in my pa–“

John cut him off with a quick kiss.

Paul looked over at Cynthia and Jane. They hadn’t seen anything. They were trying to keep Julian from picking them more tulips. “You’ve created a monster, Johnny.”

John shrugged, “He’s got to be able to win over the ladies if you want grandchildren from him, Macca.”

“Too true,” said Paul and he kissed John back.
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