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Title: "My Generation"
Pairing: John/Paul
Rating: PGish
Summary: for prompt #88 - used a line from "My Generation"
by the Who.

“I hope I die before I get old,” said John Lennon. He lit a cigarette and began smoking it.

Paul McCartney sat down in John’s lap with his guitar and began playing. “You’ve been saying that ever since the Who sang it.” He stopped playing for a second and studied John’s face. “You don’t really mean it?” He asked.

John shrugged, leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, “It wouldn’t be too bad.”

Paul frowned and continued playing again. “I don’t want to. I’d rather grow old than die young,” he said. “And I’d like it better if you were there, too.”

John smiled, “Yeah, when we’re finished with all this Beatles stuff-“

“You’ll divorce Cynthia and we’ll retire to a small cottage in the country where we’ll live with Julian,” Paul said, finishing the sentence for him. “And then we’ll grow old together and sing for Julian’s children.”

John shrugged, “Perhaps.” He said and put out his cigarette in the ashtray.

“Perhaps? What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Paul.

John sat up straight and rested his chin on Paul’s shoulder. “Give us a kiss,” he said.

Paul grinned and kissed John on the lips, “I’ll give you more than that, Johnny.”

John pushed the guitar out of Paul’s hands. It fell to the floor with a bang. “Upstairs,” he said and kissed Paul roughly.

Paul got out of John’s lap and the two went upstairs to the bedroom kissing and leaving a trail of clothes behind them.
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