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"Back Seat of the Car" Challenge
Title Baby You Can Drive My Car"
Rating: G/PG ish?
Summery: John and Paul are drunk after a party.
Pairing: John/Paul
Author's Note: Second slash fic, Third/fourth Beatles fic (depending on if you count two versions of the same basic story two fics). Oh, and I avoid drunks like the Plague so keep that in mind when you read this.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon staggered towards the car. The two were leaving a party where they had too much to drink.

John opened a door on his car and collapsed on the seat. Paul fell in after him and landed on the floor.

“Paulie, how am I supposed to drive with you in the way?” John asked.

Paul started laughing hysterically. “We’re in the backseat you idiot!” he exclaimed.

“Oh,” said John. “I thought someone had stolen the wheel.” He burst into a fit of giggles and rolled off the seat onto Paul on the floor.

Paul giggled, “Ow, That hurt, Johnny!”

“You know you like it, Macca,” he grinned and tried to pinch Paul on the bum.

Paul squirmed under him. “Can’t we sit on the seat? You’re kind of heavy, John.”

“I’m not as heavy as you are, Paulie,” cackled John.

A few seconds later, the two were sitting in the back seat.

“That was some party,” said Paul.

John nodded, “Yeah, someone needs to put that Keith Moon character on a leash.”

Paul laughed, “Seriously, did you see when he tried to pull with George. I mean, George is sort of feminine looking sometimes but –”

“You don’t have anything against queers, though, do you Paul?” asked John.

Paul shrugged, “No, they don’t bother me. I mean, Brian’s a great guy.”

John leaned over and kissed Paul on the lips. When John pulled back, Paul stared at him for a second and then kissed him back.
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