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Here Comes the Slash

Belladonna Dwale
4 July
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This is la_sabre's journal for fanfiction/deviant art updates. It's also used to post the stories she wrote in beatlesslash.

Most of it will be Beatles slash.
For those who do not know what slash is, it can be defined as stories written with homosexual relationships/themes between characters in the story. Since these stories revolve around the Beatles, John and Paul will be making out and doing much sex.
Do not read if Real Person Slash offends you!

How did you get into slash? you might ask.
Well, I discovered Beatles fanfiction (or "FabFiction" as I like to call it) about a year ago shortly after I got into the Beatles and realised what a great band they were. I soon discovered that there was slash fiction. At first I was mildly disgusted/shocked, however, I soon realised that slash fabfiction tended to be written better than nonslash fabfiction. I became hooked. What exactly got me into it? I don't know. Maybe because I like gay men. Or else because it's the closest I'll ever get to the "Boys" without having to time travel or do something that might cause Sir Paul or Ringo to file a restraining order/class action lawsuit against me.

Constructive criticism is prefered. Flamers will be laughed at.

This work is all fictional. None of it is based on actual events. It never happened. The only purpose of this work is to entertain. I appologise if I offend any one.

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